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Our Medicare and Medicaid billing team is constantly staying abreast of federal and state health care assistance regulations and they will gladly answer any questions you may have. You or your loved one may be able to receive financial assistance that you may not be aware of. Take for example... Just recently, a gentleman admitted his wife to our facility. He was concerned that his wife would not be covered financially and therefore unable to stay.

He was unable to care for his wife any longer and there was no one to help him with her care. During the admission process, Medicaid benefits and ways to take advantage of these benefits were discussed with the gentleman. Our admission team then assisted this person with the application process and with a referral to the Department of Human Services, who makes the final determination regarding financial eligibility. The positive outcome was a great relief to this family since they were able to receive significant financial assistance in paying for nursing facility care.

We are able to assist in connecting many of our customers with community resources that enable the resident to receive the care and services they need in our facility and in the community when the resident returns home.